365 days

Woodstock, NY / 35mm 

Woodstock BW-33.jpg

This post is quite late, but Philip and I celebrated one year of marriage together back in August. We traveled to the outskirts of Williamsburg for dinner at Mesa Coyoacan then explored upstate spending two nights in Woodstock. It was a wonderful time away together reflecting on the past year and discussing dreams for the ones to come. I'm thankful for the memories we gained on this trip and also for the mystery and demands that our rolls of black and white film forces upon us. It will be only through memory that we recall what the sky looked like, or the color of the river, or the sounds that we heard together in the seclusion of nature.  

We througholy enjoyed driving around this small town, enjoying the crisp air -- the little things that you miss not being car owners. Volume 1 of Mermaid Avenue by Billy Bragg and Wilco seemed to be on repeat on this trip. Our love for the state of New York continues to grow and we already look forward to our next trip to the Catskill mountains.