Bethany & Barrett

These two are so dear to me.

Bethany moves out of the city tomorrow and Barrett will soon follow her as they will be getting married in August and then move out to Palo Alto, California as Bethany will take on her Doctorate degree.

The first time Philip and I hung out with them in November was the same evening my brother was killed. Although it wasn't until early the following morning that we received the news it became a bit of a struggle to spend further one on one time with them those next few months. It's quite hard to put into words to describe this kind of moment--remembering exactly what I was doing during the last hours my brother was living, as in those hours I was a different person--now seeing life through a completely different lens. Our innocent and primary thoughts and questions shared getting to know each other quickly turned into a raw friendship. These two will forever remain special having shared this season together. Thankful for their presence in our community at All Souls along with the tears and prayers the four of us shared on the sidewalk last night. Looking forward to when we will see each other again! 

On another note! We hit up The High Line in the Meatpacking District for this session. The High Line is an old railroad that has been turned into a park in the middle of the city leaving a great spot to enjoy so many great perspectives of NYC.