The story of this print shop goes back to 2012 when I planted a particular garden in Kentucky. Later that year, when winter came, I was commissioned to photograph subject matter that was reflective of brokenness and messiness. I walked outside and picked a dead steam off from what remained of my garden, placing it on top of a simple backdrop. After I had finished shooting, my mind flooded back to all kinds of memories of what had happened between the time I planted that seed to the time I photographed the plant. I reflected on how those plants in my garden had been enjoyed--seen, tasted, smelled, touched--and this plant gave still more, even in its death. I loved it and wanted to hang it on my wall. I wanted others to enjoy it too. 

My fascination with prints is informed by my background in photography, architecture, interior design, and floral design. I have launched this shop because I love creating art fueled by what I have enjoyed, and I want others to be able to share in that.  

I give you the Ashley Revell Photography PRINT SHOP! 

In celebration of launching my shop I'll be offering free shipping all week (ending on November 4th at 11:59PM EST).

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