MTA / Grand Central Terminal / NYC

Seeing the tile work in the stations along with some of the newest ad campaigns and poster artwork pieces throughout the subway cars is always enjoyable for me. I also OFTEN think about the creation of the New York City subway system while riding/walking through and I'm constantly amazed and thankful for that team of people. "As you travel through the Metropolitan Transportation Authority network, you experience a first-rate art museum comprised of works created in mosaic, terra cotta, bronze, glass and mixed-media sculpture. You may hear music, read poetry, or enjoy graphic posters in stations or rail cars. The founders of the New York City subway believed that every design element in the system should show respect for our customers and enhance the experience of travel." 

When riding on the subway you will sometimes find Poetry in Motion. Recently I saw one such poem, Grand Central, but it wasn't until toward the end of the ride after I had read through it a few times that I really enjoyed it. I quickly grabbed my phone out of my pocket to snap a few quick shots to remember it before I got off the train. I sometimes forget how amazing Grand Central Terminal truly is the longer we are here in the city (It also has some really great food vendors on site!). Philip and I usually depart from and arrive back through Grand Central when traveling out of the city. 

After I read the poem, I began thinking about some of the photos that I have taken somewhat recently at Grand Central. I wanted to share both the poem and photos with you.. along with a few small details on how this city is just the best - enjoy!

The city orbits around eight million 
centers of the universe
and turns around the golden clock
at the still point of this place.
Lift up your eyes from the moving hive
and you will see time circling
under a vault of stars and know
just when and where you are.
Billy Collins